Postcard #1 • Posted 4 January 2020

Heijō Palace

I find myself here in a quiet historical spot situated in a compound where most of the locals go along with their day-to-day—jogging in the cold, playing afternoon baseball, walking their dog, biking from the grocery (the front basket’s almost always filled with something~), etc. I sometimes think whether or not being on tourist mode in such a place that’s quite low key and unassuming can be disruptive and a bit bothersome. I say this because in the expanse of space, a person aiming a camera at just about anything can stick out of the landscape.

I sit here in a quiet waiting shed (there’s a waiting shed!) just watching the people pass by. The air is clean and nippy, but makes me a teensy bit sniffly. Wish I can stay here a bit longer here.