Readme • Last updated 21 Dec 2019

Hello there. This is Claudine, formerly of, a blog no one really knew about. Here I am with a reset button of sorts.

After 10++ good years on a popular blog service, I have decided to move out of a content management system-y platform to a place where I can experiment more freely, a place that can reflect the freeform-ness of raw thought. I don’t know where this whole space change will take me, but I embrace the freedom. I hope things will still make sense somehow. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

After reading Joel Hook’s ‘My blog is a digital garden, not a blog’, I had to revisit my reason for keeping a blog online. As off-the-box blogging tools remain to provide the same-ish structure for posting blog entries online (tags, categories, multimedia inserts, etc., with which I absolutely have nothing against), I ended up thinking about what it means to have a digital blank canvas today. I wonder how this rejigging can affect the way I write.

Also, late last year I had a random thought: What if blogs are read like zines? I remember the days of old blogs having a semblance of the zine-like execution, even in the form of just collage inserts inspired by the aesthetic of the times (early ‘00s excitement over photomanipulation software) and the creativity people employed back in the day due to platform restrictions. Back then, everyone seemed to know a little bit of markup and CSS, and while the application would sometimes be overdone, the creativity seen then was mostly for self-expression vs today’s self-promotion. People wrote, designed, collaged, hand-drew stuff to be known for who they were, not for what they had to offer.

Anyway, all that’s been written with the hope that maybe something good comes out of this migration. Let’s see.

If you’d like something similar to a standard ‘About’ section, whatever I had in my old blog seems ok. View it here. And please do say hello! 

Drawing above by my friend, Larry Cayco.