26 December 2023


With so many things we take in on a daily basis, we mostly remember bits and pieces of content in different forms, almost like enjoying the crumbs we inadvertently collect and being satiated by them. A meme is a tiny piece of something else, given new life, enjoyed for the renewed bit that it is. A song is a taken from an album, thrown automagically (albeit uninterestingly) into a playlist c/o AI, and is one piece that we taken in, after another, and then another. The piece is even broken down with a section chipped off, when all we enjoy of it is played through a dance challenge or a looping Reel.

Honestly, there are things that entertain me from what we see on a daily basis on social media and different places on the internet. I take a break from work and watch 3 Shorts that run for 60s each, then remind myself that I shouldn’t even be on YouTube! The bits I watch are tiny fragments of bigger things, and all I truly take in are crumbs that I don’t even get to digest. There’s more that I consume, (mostly unintentionally—or mindlessly) spread out through the day. I probably end the day with a small bag’s worth.

A crumb is a crumb after a crumb, and then another. We end the day with a mound; the week, with a hill. I wonder, how much do we have by the year’s close?