When Shazam failed me • 20 January 2019

Monday Michiru (Monday満ちる) - ‘Sands Of Time’ (aka quite an old song)

Or alternately, how technology initiates the process of discovery in quite interesting ways~

I occassionally take pride in the fact that I end up liking artists or creators beyond their work. I am able to see their personality having a huge influence in the things they create. The odd thing about this sometimes is that, for me, the artist ends up having a personality so strong that the their life ends up being ‘the work’ for me, that the delineation of work and artist gives emphasis on the artist more than the work they make. It’s like a reverse appreciation of the art, somehow. I see this in the way I like Haruki Murakami, and enjoying his biopic, appreciating his process of thinking and philosophy more than his actual fiction work. This form of appreciation is also how I see Chance the Rapper. I enjoy the thought of him and his background whenever I’d see him in the news or in features. But I never really got around to listening to his m