On taking photos • Posted January 2020

I rarely have photographs of myself, in general. In the photos I take, I keep scenes ‘sterile’, in the sense that they’re mostly uninterupted by my presence, unless it’s unavoidable. Sometimes, I examine my stance on photography, trying to avoid being the elitist in having this preference (aka an imposition of ‘my way being better than yours’). I’d like to think I’ve never taken this route to counteract what’s popular, but rather out of natural preference.

I am quite fond of seeing photos of people back in the days of film when ‘sense of place’ images had the location being the main subject, and the person being in the scene (whether staged or posed) to establish ownership of that slice of time. It would be rare to find people as subjects being imposing or disruptive of the scene, while still being in the frame. 

With technology giving birth to front-facing cameras (yay, convenience), it is quite easy to take photographs of oneself,