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An inventory of obsessions

Keeping track of those nicely odd moments when I end up zeroing in on one particular thing, taking up significant mental space for a period of time.

16 June 2022
(Not Boring) Weather! “Built like games, run like apps.”

Love the interaction design, the time slider thing that causes music to be played, and the sound design (just to name a few things, hah!). I am grateful for this app for pulling me in because it keeps me from mindlessly scrolling through my alternate Instagram feed. 🤫

22 Apr 2022
A long-time obsession, but bears repeating. Filed under: Stuff I Wish I Made (or I’m at least a part of) - radio.garden. It’s just one of those well-rounded projects that’s just overall great; I would love to take a look at how the team works. Also, I am just grateful for this site because I get to listen to some of my favorite radio stations (as I am a radio junkie), including BBC Radio 2, NTS 1, and Shonan Beach FM.

21 Apr 2022
This freaking album design by Sparks Edition for Yugyeom. They made an LP version, too.